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  • Author: Frank Pot
  • Publication date: 14 April 2020
  • Date added: 14 April 2020




Rating: ‘Skills, skills, skills’, a narrow debate

‘Skills, skills, skills’, a narrow debate

‘Skills, skills, skills’, a narrow debate

2020 – In the EUWIN Newsletter, Frank Pot reflects on the narrow debate about skills that is conducted at the moment.
Developing skills that bring competitive advantage requires investment in training, but also the design of good jobs that can enhance people’s skills and provide wellbeing at work. “Organisations have a significant degree of control in crafting autonomous and learning-intensive jobs, which use and cultivate workers’ skills better,” say Konstantinos Pouliakas and Giovanni Russo, Cedefop experts who designed the skills and jobs survey. It is an important intangible asset and an element of what OECD calls ‘Knowledge-Based Capital’ which is considered to be increasingly the foundation of modern economies.
Briefly this means: Every policy regarding skills should include workplace innovation.

In the article Pot provides the evidence from literature and research for his argument.
The full article is attached.

Pot, Frank, ‘Skills, skills, skills’ a narrow debate. In: EUWIN Bulletin, Spring 2020,  Attached.

Themes: Dynamic management & Leadership, Flexible organisation, Talent development
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