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  • Publication date: 2009
  • Date added: 14 August 2009
  • Organisatie: Aluchemie
  • Homepage:
  • Telefoon: +31 10-4727911
  • Postadres: Oude Maasweg 80
    3197 KJ Botlek Rotterdam
    The Netherlands




Rating: Aluchemie combines hard measures with soft skills

Aluchemie combines hard measures with soft skills

2008 – Competition, financial cuttings and unhappy employees: in spite of setbacks Aluchemie survived without forced dismissals. By combining efficiency and cost savings with investing in health promotion, training and education Aluchemie became a shining company again.

Aluminium & Chemie Rotterdam BV (Aluchemie) received the AWVN innovation trophy in the first quarter of 2008 for the redressing of the disturbed labour relations.

Why this is work place innovation
Aluchemie combines business side measures with work place innovation.

Employers perspective:

Reducing conversion costs

Increasing labour productivity

Realising sustainable employment by active health promotion

Employees perspective:

Investing in health, training and education en participation

Cooperation with Active Health: checking employees on health and employability.

With this new policy the organisation wants to find a balance between costs, quality and reliability. The costs should be reduced while respecting human factors.

In the new collective agreement the focus has been moved: the focus is not cost saving anymore, but the balance between costs, quality and reliability. Support for this policy is gained by communicating well about both good and bad news and by involving employees in decision making. The company combines the hard policy with soft skills; everybody is allowed to think and to decide, but once a decision has been made everybody has to abide by it.

The company succeeded in restoring the since 2004 disturbed labour relations by combining efficiency measures with work place innovation. The company invests firmly in health promotion, training and education, coaching employees, pleasure at work, employee satisfaction and codetermination.

Attached  the article: ‘Harde maatregelen, maar altijd de menselijke maat’ (Hard measures, but always at human size) S. Peters in WerkGeven 4/2008.