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  • Publication date: 2010
  • Date added: 9 July 2010




Rating: Deminishing throughput time at Hytrans

Deminishing throughput time at Hytrans

2010 – Hytrans Fire System in Lemmer, the Netherlands  is specialized in the development and assembly of systems for mobile large water transport, for example for use in case of flood or fire. The core business is engineering and assembly of a modular range of devices such as pumps, hoses, containers and hose retractors. The company employs 40 employees. Approximately 25 modular units are assembled each year. More than 400 systems were delivered worldwide.

Why this is workplace innovation
Together with TNO Hytrans Fire System worked to improve the preparation and realization of orders. A multidisciplinary group of employees has searched for solutions to reduce the throughput time and reduce distortions.

The goal was to target different employees to the same direction namely to work with a fitting end system.

Already since 10 years in Hytrans they use to address to the employees on the floor with different disciplines and these employees then started to search for improvements. In particular new employees had little feeling with this approach, which had a revival in the project together with TNO. The whole company was involved in this project and that motivates, says Johan de Kuijper, manager of the business office.

Together with a multidisciplinary group of the departments engineering, planning, logistics and assembly order completion schedules are
drawn and solutions for shortening the throughput time and reduce disruptions were formulated. 


Examples of a possible solutions are defining a more complete order specification in  an earlier stage, the more timely identification of availability times for the purchasing of parts with long delivery lead times and availability of drawings and orders. The internal assembly process is demand-driven by the delivery of drawings, work distribution and the supply of spare parts just in time. An important aspect of this is the joint insight into the subsequent activities of value adding in various business disciplines.
A lot of interaction between the employees has been established. Problems are no longer left for anyone else, but there is intense thinking how to work more efficiently.

More information about Hytrans Fire System is available through their wbsite: It is one of the case descriptions in the TNO brochure on manufacturing (Maakindustrie, May 25, 2010, attached).