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  • Publication date: 2010
  • Date added: 8 June 2010
  • Organisatie: Dominicus BV
  • Homepage:
  • Telefoon: 0118-571436
  • Postadres: Oude Zandweg 2
    4361 SK Westkapelle
    The Netherlands




Rating: Dominicus, increase of productivity

Dominicus, increase of productivity

2010 – Dominicus in Westkapelle, the Netherlands is specialized in the design and fabrication of granite kitchen dresser tops. The products are delivered to various kitchen stores, custom made in many formats, sizes and materials. The company employs approximately 50 employees, including 25 in production work.

Together with TNO, Syntens and a student from Hogeschool Zeeland the company has worked on the improvement of the organization of the operation. In this process of change the employees of Dominicus played an important role.
This project was done in the frame of the Innovation program for the manufacturing industry ‘High Performance Academy’, of the province Zeeland.

Why this  is workplace innovation
The employees of Dominicus have played a major role in organizing the work in a smarter way. To reduce the throughput time and increase productivity various parts of business were scrutinized. 

The goal is to reduce the throughput time and to increase productivity by looking for a  higher value-added and a reduction of waste.

There was created a working group consisting of staff from production and production preparation. There was a lot of interest among employees to participate and contribute ideas. Together with TNO and the student of the Hogeschool Zeeland the staff  elaborated on several issues. First, they looked whether  the layout of the machinery allow for a logical flow of material, since this would imply less walking back-and forth or physical load. Also, a new machine is purchased for the manufacturing of frames more efficiently.
In addition, they examined how raw material at the landing site could be arranged better to prevent the stock from unstacking. Also it was considered how orders could be dosed to avoid accumulation around workplaces and to avoid additional actions. Finally, it was clear that there was a lot of frustration among employees since tools never were in the right place. They searched for solutions to reduce searching for tools. This problem is solved by making workplaces more complete and accessible.                 

A large part of the solutions thought of has been realized now. With the same people and materials, there is an increase in productivity of more than 10%. The challenge now is to achieve higher numbers of products and still work in a flow. To realize this the help of TNO is requested once more.
Every month there is a meeting, where the solutions and items found are on the agenda and evaluated. If this is not addressed, the workers themselves put these points on the agenda. The latter is related to another important result, namely the groth of awareness. Among the employees a shift in thinking emerged. Now they think more in terms of the process: "if I do this now, he can do that" says Benno Groeneweg, director Dominicus.

More information about the company Dominicus, is available online through:
For more information about the case, see: Case Descriptions TNO manufacturing (compressed, May 25, 2010).