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  • Author: Steven Dhondt; Peter Totterdill
  • Publication date: 22 November 2017
  • Date added: 22 November 2017




Rating: EUWIN as a driving force

EUWIN as a driving force


The attached final report summarizes its activities:

  • distributed evidence on the benefits of modernising the workplace and working conditions;

  • focused on awareness-raising via dedicated regional workshops and social media;

  • provided a valuable resource for managers and employee representatives through the

  • Knowledge Bank;

  • was open to practitioners, social partners, policymakers, representatives of intermediary

  • organisations, and others with an interest in the workplace.



Being a European network, EUWIN had impact on national policies and through events and Network partners it also had direct contact with companies.

This pilot project EUWIN was initially planned for 3 years. However, following its promising results, in 2015 it was prolonged for an additional year.

This report presents EUWIN's impact on public policies and companies, and overall deliverables of the project.



Steven Dhondt, Peter Totterdill: EUWIN, Final report 2013-2016; TNO, February 2017 report number: R16104.

The final report is attached as well as the Overviews of the first, the second and the third year.