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  • Publication date: 2010
  • Date added: 8 June 2010
  • Organisatie: Pecocar
  • Homepage:
  • Postadres: Van Koersveldweg 1
    7665 SC Albergen
    The Netherlands




Rating: Pecocar, Smart design of workplaces and operation

Pecocar, Smart design of workplaces and operation

2010 - Pecocar Holland in Albergen is specialized in the development, production and assembly of custom made sandwich panels for use in industries such as transport, bus-building and for patient transport. The panels are custom made for customers at home and abroad. Core activities in production are the pre-processing of wood, foam and polyester skin plates, gluing panels in molds, cutting and milling of panels and assembly into semi-finished products.
Pecocar Holland, together with TNO has implemented the ‘Lean Manufacturing-method 5S', prompting that the workstations are better equipped and business is smarter organized. 

Why this is workplace innovation
All staff have been involved in the design of better workplaces and smarter design of business processes.

The introduction of 'Lean Manufacturing', with a higher added value and a reduction of  waste.

Supported by TNO, Pecocar started introducing 'Lean Manufacturing'. To this end, they worked with the method "5S" (sort, set, shine, standardize and structure). This includes all personnel involved, both members of the management and the shop floor. In groups the importance of the approach was discussed with employees of the panel manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and staff. After that they worked on the identification of materials and tools that are not relevant to the workplace and can be deleted, or tools that are required and must be ordered, or that are required to make the task more efficiently. At the same time, in the departments they worked on solutions to improve the design of the workplace. Signs were designed to visualize old and new situations and to list actions for improvement. There was a discussion with TNO about old situations that had arisen over the years and the results were converted into improvements. Of great importance in this process appears to be the understanding of the personnel of  the usefulness and the willingness to go to work in a different way.

Improvements include organization of tools (molds) and tool locations in order to facilitate a task performing in an efficient and ergonomic way. The results  are: less searching tools  and it became easier to tackle the  material so there is less physical stress. Periodic audits are held  in order to realize continuous improvement. According to production manager Herald Hagedoon, starting the 5S led to improved productivity and commitment of all employees at Pecocar. A clean workspace with only the immediately necessary tools provides a better overview and thus a better working environment. This results in higher employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

More information can be found at online and in ‘Casebeschrijvingen TNO maakindustrie’ (Case Descriptions TNO manufacturing) (2010).